Sat. May 14th, 2022

Cartoons are a form of visual art. Funny refers to anything strange and or something that is hilarious. Therefore, when we say funny cartoons it refers to a strange art that is laughable. Fair enough, funny cartoons are visual representations of a joke. While it takes a few words to compose a joke, a simple illustration can deliver the same effect that a good joke does. It is a funny vision of everything that has to do with our daily lives. Funny cartoons are prime examples that humor is not restricted to words. In fact, they are even more effective than words. 4anime

Visuals or images are traditionally attached to articles to invite readers. To some extent, they are used to make the article appear more interesting than it really is. It basically represents the content of an article. It convinces the reader that the text is worth their while. With that, you see joke text with funny cartoons to describe how much humor is involved. Even in a simple newspaper editorial cartoon, humor is always found in the irony of its message. With that, it can be considered a funny cartoon. The comic relief that these drawings or pictures bring greatly depends on the person looking at it. Just think about this simple logic; while getting the humor out of a funny joke demands a certain level of intelligence, it takes a whole new range of intelligence to get humor out of cartoons.

Funny cartoons come in different forms, shapes and sizes. It may talk about the current political tissues, which gives journalists a subtle way of expressing cynical views towards controversial politicians as well as their governing decisions without being too serious or tacky. These cartoons may bring humor to common office scenario. They can make a laughable situation out of a simple picture of life. Hence, funny cartoons represent a lighter side of life.

Looking for a funny cartoon is easy – for you can find it practically everywhere. It can be found on the label of your favorite snack or it can even be on the print of the t-shirt of your jobless neighbor. You can see funny cartoons in the cute drawings of your children. Imagine them making a mess of your hair with blue and green crayons. In many ways, funny cartoons bring a little bit of what life is. It describes the ironies and sufferings in this world without being too upfront about the issue. It lightens up the issues in the society by making fun on the things that really don’t matter, just for the sake of making a difficult situation laughable. It highlights the highs and lows of life. In the end, the comic relief that these cartoons bring makes everyday a funny art.

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